The Politics and Poetics of Intersectional Resistance

This book explores political, cultural, and literary aspects of intersectional and transnational resistance articulated contemporarily and historically by Palestinian and Black American artists and activists. A historical and political survey examines the Nakba as a contemporaneous colonial epoch that is constantly reproduced through a multitude of oppressive policies which place Palestinians within the link between U.S. and Israeli hegemony, whose colonial violence has extended transnationally. Black and Palestinian expressions of mutual solidarity result from the location of their struggles within subaltern spaces.

Drawing on intersectional approaches emanating from Black feminism and post-colonial theory, this study investigates written and spoken poetry, essays, and lyrics as interventions into imperialist and colonialist currents and as demands for revolutions that are conceptualized as an Intifada that transcends the original, Palestinian context.

Rosemary Sayigh in: Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies, 19.1 (2020), 123-127

Jennifer Ryan-Bryant in: Polish Journal for American Studies, 14 (Spring 2020), 128-130