If you would like to purchase a license for one of our titles, please feel free to contact us:
Sarah Bohn,

Permission Requests

If you would like to use text excerpts from our works for your publication, you are welcome to request permission to use them. Please contact Sarah Bohn,
In order to process your request more quickly, it should include the following information:

  • žComplete bibliographical information of the requested text/extract including page numbers.
  • Information on the type and scope of the planned use, including the title, publisher, expected publication date and number of copies – as precise as possible.

Republication of own texts/Secondary use

After a one-year protection period (UrhG 2 § 38), we permit our authors of dependent publications (i. e. contributions to anthologies or magazines) to republish their texts. The original place of publication must be mentioned and a link to the publication on the publisher’s homepage is also desired if possible.
Contributions can be made available in the accepted manuscript version in non-commercial, institutional repositories or on the author’s personal website. The accepted manuscript version is the version that the contributor submitted to the editors for review – that means the version before revision and typographical set up. Publisher PDFs of our publications or scans of the published version will not be released for a digital secondary use.

Open Access Policy

Open Access publications are freely accessible to everyone in full text. To protect the copyright, our OA publications use the Creative-Commons Attribution–NonCommercial–NoDerivatives license (CC BY-NC-ND). This means that readers may copy, distribute and transmit the work:

  • If the license is mentioned and a link to the license is provided
  • If the name of the author and right holders is mentioned
  • If the work is used only for non-commercial purposes.
  • If the work is not edited, modified or otherwise altered.

Further information is available at:

When using and distributing our texts, please be sure to refer to the DOI of the respective publication.