Reading the Caribbean

Approaches to Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Culture

1. Edition, 2007
340 Pages

ISBN: 978-3-8253-5358-2
Product: Book
Edition: Softcover
Subject: Anglistik/Amerikanistik
Series: anglistik & englischunterricht, Volume No.: 67
Available: 25.06.2007

Keywords: Postkolonialismus, Karibik, Englisch, Literatur, Geschichte, Aufsatzsammlung, Südsee, karibische Literatur

Within the profile of anglistik & englischunterricht, this volume on Caribbean literature and culture offers discussions and analyses of those issues and approaches which have emerged as particularly important or, indeed, contentious in literary and cultural scholarship in the field. The Caribbean is presented as not only an eminently rich and complex area of study and research, but also as particularly accessible in educational contexts. Immediately recognizable to students in some of its stereotypical tourist images and because of the global appeal of its cultural products in music and life styles, the Caribbean will draw readers of this volume into entering further into the fascinating, multifaceted experience of its literature, art works and immensely productive, varied and lively world of culture in general. Contributions by scholars experienced in research and teaching the Caribbean range from essays on major genres and themes in Caribbean writing to discussions of language, history, theatre, music, as well as issues of translation, gender and the African rootedness of important aspects of Caribbean culture, this giving a tour d’horizon and stimulating further study and research in students and teachers alike.

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