Scientific Cultures – Technological Challenges

A Transatlantic Perspective

In 11 original essays highly reputed scholars from both the United States and Europe take a fresh look at the plurality of contemporary scientific cultures and their respective methodologies and discursive practices. While some investigate recent advancements in life and computer sciences (nanotechnologies, robotics, genetic coding, electronic communication and databases etc.) and their repercussions in the social and political field, others discuss new approaches, especially in the humanities, that may help to bridge the gulf between the “two cultures” (C.P. Snow) and open up new perspectives for ‘cross-cultural’ fertilization. Each essay – if to varying degrees – also probes the regulatory political and institutional mechanisms that determine both the success and public acceptance and reputation of specific scientific cultures, particularly with respect to scientific ethics and the frequently invoked ‘moral’ obligation of scientists and researchers.

Jen Schneider in: Technology And Culture, Jan 2011, vol. 52, 228f

Pawel Frelik in: Polish Journal for American Studies, Vol. 4 (2010), 172ff