Narrating “Precariousness”

Modes, Media, Ethics

Lives in precarious conditions are on the edge and out of balance. They call for recognition and reaction, but they also cause discomfort for those who regard them. This collection of articles focuses on how such lives can – or cannot – be represented, especially in narrative modes. Since Judith Butler’s seminal study ‘Precarious Life’, the term ‘precariousness’ has proliferated in scholarly debate, with various shades of meaning. The contributions to this volume aim to clarify the concept of precariousness as well as related notions, and to explore their significance in various areas of human suffering. The second aim is to analyse the different ways in which precariousness intersects with issues of narrative representation in a wide range of media and genres.


Thomas Austenfeld in: Anglia, 134.1 (2016), 188ff

in: The Year´s Work in English Studies, Vol. 95 (2016), 1351f

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