Amerikastudien/American Studies. A Quarterly

Edited by Carmen Birkle and Birgit Däwes. Associate Editors: Cedric Essi, Johanna Heil, Connor Pitetti, Johannes Schmid, Editorial Board: Ingrid Gessner, Anke Ortlepp, Heike Paul, Marc Priewe, Boris Vormann

‘Amerikastudien / American Studies: A Quarterly’ (Amst) is the official journal of the German Association for American Studies, dedicated to an interdisciplinary and transnational concept of American Studies and covering all areas of the discipline, including literary and cultural criticism, media, history, political science, linguistics, and pedagogy. The forum section includes innovative formats and scholarly opinions on current debates in the field as well as other open formats, such as interviews and short dialogical position papers. ‘Amst’ publishes reviews with an emphasis on scholarly contributions (not exclusively) from German-speaking countries to the wider field of American Studies. The journal continuously invites suggestions for new formats to allow for cutting-edge scholarship and intellectual debate.

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