American Studies – A Monograph Series

Edited on behalf of the German Association for American Studies by Anke Ortlepp and Heike Paul

The books published in ‘American Studies – A Monograph Series’ contribute to the field of an “internationalized” American Studies, which takes into account not only the context in which American literature and culture are produced, but also the vantage point from which it is then being investigated by Americanist scholars. In this sense, European American studies is no longer seen as solely derivative of American scholarship, but brings into the equation the European scholars' own location. To understand such a dialogue between European and Americanist scholarship as an ‘intrinsic’ part of Americanist research which hence acquires a transnational dimension seems especially fruitful because European demographic realities are becoming increasingly similar to that of the North American continent. Thus, these publications provide an indispensable perspective of research which in conjunction with a global network complements American Studies scholarship done in the United States.

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